About the Title

You may have noticed that my blog title is a little snarky, and I can't apologize for that too much-- I'm a little snarky, and if that's not really your bag, there are a LOT of other blogs on the Internet.  Like, a LOT A LOT.  You really don't have to read mine.  Really.

Assuming you're still with me, here's the deal:  I don't have a problem with people good-heartedly asking each other how he or she is doing.  I'm all for that.  Friendliness?  It's a good thing.  When someone genuinely cares about my well-being and is inquiring after the state of it, well, damn, thank you sir!  I will gladly oblige you and follow up with similar inquiries!

Unfortunately (and ESPECIALLY in the south, where I spent a good four and a half years during college), "How are you?" has sort of become a standard greeting and, thus, a bit of a tease for those of us who can't honestly answer that question with a pert, "Fine, thankssomuch!"

So even though my illness sometimes feels like it's taking over my life, it's still a little weird that my health-- normally a very personal issue-- has become a free-for-all topic for discussion.  AND that on top of that, most inquiries aren't real invitations to share, commiserate, and hope aloud-- most people want to stamp their card, asked that, I'm a good person, go about my day.  I can't stress this enough: this is SO not the blog for you.  If everything in your life is comfortable and great, kudos to you man, but here we're kind of diving in because life is not always easy or comfortable or pain-free, but I truly believe that it is always beautiful, and good, and purposeful.  So if you're on board for that kind of answer to your question, then please shoot me an email and keep reading.  I think I'm gonna like you.


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