Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

That was for you, Jenny. :-P

In Methodist churches (and others I'm sure, but this is where I've experienced it), they have a time during the service where church members offer up prayers and praises to the congregation. I have a major praise today: I had a busy day today!

It started with a little mix-up at my doctor's office that caused me to get up at 8:30 this morning for an appointment that is now this Tuesday. Oops. (It was a problem with their automated reminder system-- it had misinformed me). I briefly considered going back to sleep because I was so tired, but instead, at my mom's nudging, I drank some coffee and got to work brainstorming and working on some journalism assignments. After that, I guess momentum kept me going, followed by adrenaline, because I managed to work all day today. I did homework, answered emails, made important phone calls, put away my laundry, and cleaned my room and bathroom. Seriously-- this was a busy day, I dare say even for a well person, and most DEFINITELY for a chronicall fatigued person. Of course, I had to take numerous rests, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't push myself too hard and end up crashing tomorrow... but still, I got a lot done, and the peace of mind that produced might just be worth a potential crash tomorrow. Providing that it doesn't last more than just Saturday, that is.

I wish someone (with more experience in psychology than me) would write something on different personality types and chronic illness, though I suppose that it's really not easy no matter who you are. Anyway, I read a book a couple of months back called Do What You Are. It's fantastic, by the way, if you're still looking for that perfect career path. Anyway, they use the Meyer-Briggs personality test, and I’m an ENFP, which stands for enigmatic-intuitive-feeling-perceptive. The individual components of that aren’t really important for my point, but the overall description describes people with my personality type as enthusiastic “people-people” with boundless energy.
You’re probably starting to get my drift about now.
Of course, I WISH I had limitless energy. Doesn’t everyone? But it is an odd conundrum, isn’t it, when your personality would lead you to multitask and over-schedule in a way that is absolutely detrimental to one’s health?
Well, I mention it because, as I told a house guest tonight, I used my energy today to be “as type A as possible.” I framed pictures, I dusted surfaces, I reorganized closets, I folded my underwear… I got everything exactly the way I like it.
So I may be exhausted… but I know I’ll sleep well tonight in my oh-so-perfectly laid out, organized room. :)
Good night, everyone! Good luck with your own journeys, and thanks for reading my minor success story.


  1. I am SO happy to hear about your day! We'll just say and prayer, cross our fingers, and throw salt over out shoulders that you wake up this morning feeling rested and fine.

    The personality point is so interesting. You're a writer, you're chronically ill, and you have boundless organizational skills. Sounds like a recipe for a book to me. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. That's not a small accomplishment for anyone, let alone you, haha. It's really hard to have a very good, productive day no matter who you are. So congrats.
    (Also, I love Meyers Briggs stuff, too, and I'm an ENFJ. Go figure we're almost the same!)



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