Saturday, January 30, 2010

"...if you need to crash, then crash and burn, you're not alone..."

For those who recognize, YES, those are Savage Garden lyrics. It was the only song I could think of that had the word CRASH in it, which refers to, you guessed it, the inevitable crash I experienced today after the wonderful productivity of yesterday.

I stayed up too late talking to my boyfriend and also my best friend, who's in India and so I have to work around her time zone whenever we talk. I miss her so much! Anyway, back to the point, I then slept til 3 pm, had ridiculous dreams, finally woke up... only to then take a nap around 6 pm and sleep through dinner til about 8. As my 14-year-old sister might say... fail. Major fail.

But, really, as crashes go, this was one of the best possible scenarios, and that's what I'm grateful for today. I got a lot done yesterday, so there wasn't too much pressure, and it snowed all day today, so it's not like I could have gone anywhere anyway. I have tomorrow to pick up the pieces, and I did manage to get some medical forms filled out and sent away, so that makes me feel better. I'm seeing a doctor on Tuesday who specializes in Lyme disease, and I finally applied to see this different doctor who specializes in chronic fatigue syndrome. My immunologist recommended I contact her, and my mom's been giggling all week at my excuse for not doing so-- that I'm too fatigued to email the chronic fatigue doctor!

I'm a praying sort, and my prayers are with all of you this week-- every person has their own burden to bear, and I know a lot of you are struggling under the weight of yours. I pray that God give you the strength to endure, that there is something to be gained from your situation, and that you are returned to a more hopeful and happy place in your life very, very soon!

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  1. Hey Robyn!
    Just catching up on your blog :). Even though being chronically ill in your early 20s is miserable, it's at least nice knowing that you are not the only one out there.

    Hopefully the doctors finish diagnosing you soon. I've seen like 50 doctors and have definitive diagnoses that they still all fight over. Silly bodies.

    Hope you're feeling better!




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