Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And then there was a time that wasp stung me. IN THE FACE.

I drew these at work.  Enjoy.

Minding my own business.  Putting on makeup to cover the last
time she stung me, when she hid in my face towel .  Bitch.

She rises majestically from her throne beneath my faucet.

Holy. Crap.  She is the wasp version of one of those Jersey Shore bitches.
Also, you should be imagining the "Darth Vader" theme music during this slide.

Obviously, I do battle with her.  NOT.  My "fight or flight" responses are heavily weighted toward flight.  See ya!


  1. Sorry about the wasps, but what a great illustrated story!!


  2. I am absolutel petrified of wasps!



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