Saturday, February 20, 2010

Help me with my article!

Hey guys-- I have a huge favor to ask, and I hope you'll finish reading this post before you decide yay or nay!

I just posted this discussion on, and I'm reposting it here in the hopes that it will get to my closest blogging buddies even more quickly:

I have a huge favor to ask you all.  I'd like to hear your stories.  I'm writing an article for a journalism class I'm taking this semester, but I'd like to publish it later because I think it's important that your voices are heard.  I'm writing a piece on the "trend" of chronic illness-- its history,its impact, and how awareness is on the up-and-up with medical discoveries like XMRV and FDA-approved drugs for fibromyalgia.

The focus of my article is on the stigma of chronic illness and how many women have experience normalization through blogging and online communities (such as this one).  I'd love to hear your story of stigma, diagnosis, and what you've gained from the Internet pertaining to chronic illness.

If you're willing to talk with me about this, please respond to this forum, or just email me at  I'd like to conduct interviews by Skype if possible, but if that is too inconvenient for you, I'm more than happy to conduct them via telephone, email, whatever!

So, that's it guys!  I'd really like to interview you for my article and, honestly, get to know you a little better one-on-one.  I can adjust it to your timing constraints, and we can do the interview on any forum you choose.  I'll probably only need 20 minutes of your time-- but if you want to talk longer, I'm all ears. :)

I can't wait to hear from you.  Thank you all in advance!



  1. Hey Robyn :) I would be up for doing an interview. I don't have skype right now, but email would work?

  2. Robyn -

    What an interesting project! i think it's great that you're able to work CFS into your class project. I would be glad to help you. I've written several essays that provide different aspects of "my CFS story" - you can find those at my writer's website (click on CFS), if you want. I'd be happy to be interviewed.

    Interestingly, Andrea Whittemore (the Whittemore-Peterson Institute was formed for her, by her parents) is doing a similar sort of project on facebook right now, collecting CFS stories from people and hoping to publish a book.

    Please feel free to e-mail me (link on my profile)...


  3. This is really awesome! Best of luck to you!

  4. I just answered this on Chronic Babe, but I would obviously do an interview with you lol

  5. Hi, include me on your list! I've got work for uni to do, but will help in anyway I can. Put a comment on a post on my blog, or email me- my email is on my profile!

  6. Hey everyone! Thank you SO much for participating in my little project! I will be sending out emails tomorrow morning... I've been going through yalls blogs so as to avoid re-asking things. I can't wait to hear back from you all!



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