Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh how remiss!

I don't have time to post much, but I realized I hadn't posted in 10 whole days, so DON'T WORRY, INTERNETZ FRIENDS!  I'm still alive, and I'll post later about the foods I can eat that replace my old comfort foods.   I'm still following along with all of your blogs, and I have much love for you all!

My new hobby-- cartooning my way through my week.


  1. Haha I love the idea of doodling all over the days!

    We all miss you in Internet-land!

  2. I love your cartoons! That's something I really want to learn, how to make my own style of cartoon people.

    I'm still pretty new with this whole blogging thing, and I'm not sure if people check back on blogs they've already read for replies to their comments or what, so just in case I posted this reply to your comment to my blog on my blog and here:

    I've never even tried flavored Kefir. That's a good idea about mixing in a sweetener, though I would use stevia instead of splenda. I wish I'd thought of that when I first started drinking Kefir and hated it. Now I actually kind of like the taste.

    Keep drinking it every day, hopefully you want want the sugar and carbs as much!

    Lol that was kind of awkward.

  3. Oh man. I feel like such a bad friend since I didn't make it out! :(
    LOVE the cartoons tho! :)

  4. Hi, Robyn -

    I haven't had any time for blogging either, but I've done just the opposite - posted a couple of my own blog entries but have had no time at all to read blogs! So, I'm behind, too.

    How's the Lyme treatment going so far?




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